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15 junho, 2010

Architecture Design of Arrebol Patagonia Hotel in Chile By Harald Opitz

Arrebol Patagonia Hotel in Chile By Harald Opitz

The Arrebol Patagonia Hotel located in the deep Chilean south, Camino a Ensenada, Puerto Varas, Chile. This hotel created by Harald Opitz architects in 14.000 sqm site area. There are two fundamental decisions, the first is to get a way located in rural areas of the superior border regions (which used to carry the timber by the owner of the territory). This decision enables the release of the forest and the creation of 10 projects before the slopes of mt. The second decision was to develop this hotel volume rural roads and put the views into the city and bulding lake.The consists of two volumes, one private and one public. Private volume, located at the top of the area, and has two floors with living room and entrance hall which is projected on a panoramic terrace. Public volume is connected to a personal one by the hall entrance, and contains a hotel bar and restaurant and meeting room.

The hotel was built, the two basic materials, steel and reinforced concrete. To isolate a sound, constructive mechanism is used, is a double wall with aerated concrete. Then, the piece is built with composite plate and finishing of the opening created by the polished concrete. Other constructive details are the windows, because it is made from Raulí (original tree), but the detail of the most innovative is the heating that works with geothermal energy. This project recognizes the elements of the area and they are combined with a design hotel. That’s why you can see the wood paneling on the outside and inside the building. The idea of this panel, in order to get the old wood, and notice how the weather affects them. To make an external fence, they are already accustomed to the original forest. – Harald Opitz

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